Matching Pink Tutus

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting together with Hannah of Hannah Berglund Photography out at Kelly Point Park for a little photography chat and practice session!

Hannah recently started her own photography business, and I have quickly fallen in love with her style. Since we planned on getting together without any clients, I asked Hannah if she would mind capturing some mother/daughter photographs of me with my youngest - and I am so thankful that she was up for the challenge! Kendal and I wore our matching pink tutu's, which if you know me, you know that this was kind of a big deal. Maybe even a dream come true.

Kendal is 5, going on 25. She's a strong willed, independent, busy little lady who is nearly impossible to photograph. Hannah, I applaud you for capturing so many sweet images... and thank you for sharing these photos with me so that I can cherish them forever. You have an incredible talent and I hope to collaborate on a photography session with you in the near future!