Eastern Washington

Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity to get out of Portland for a long weekend sans children. We had not spent a weekend, just the two of us, in well over three years. After dropping the girls off at the grandparents (and happy danced all the way to the car), we made the six hour journey to Chelan, WA. 

We did not use our cameras as much as we would have liked, mainly due to the rain. The weather just happened to be perfect the day that we ventured into Leavenworth, so we took advantage and captured a few shots around town and along the riverbank. Perhaps it's my Alaskan roots, but there is something about a snowy riverbank that just calls to me! I couldn't get enough. 

As much as we enjoyed the snow, I cannot tell you how ready for Spring I am! I am craving a little warmth and the blooming flowers around Portland. Are you in need of updating your family photos? Let's get you scheduled for a Spring shoot!