Hello & Happy February!

Around this time each year, my husband and I load the fam in the car for the five hour trek to visit my Grandma in Chelan. We have found that Presidents Day weekend is one of the best times to visit as it typically falls over the same week as Valentines Day. If you have never visited Chelan over Valentines Day, you're missing out. It's wine & chocolate week for the local wineries! So not only do you get the privilege of visiting one of the most beautiful cities in Washington, but you get wine... and chocolate. Lots of it!

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My Grandparents built their home in Chelan during the early 1950's; it's where they started their family. Growing up, I spent the majority of my summers in Chelan and have some of the fondest memories. Grandpa was a commercial fisherman in Alaska, so there would be summers where it was just my Grandma and I.  I would keep busy with frequent trips to the lake, swimming in the pool with the neighbor kids, pizza and bubble gum ice cream at Yesterday's, and hitting up the waterslides. Grandma was a retired teacher, so she also made sure I had plenty of books to read and homework to complete so that I would be prepared for the upcoming school year. Thanks, Gram!

Back then there were no wineries, it was all apple orchards. The town has changed drastically, but somehow it still feels the same. The gate below is the backdrop for many family photos. My Grandparents took photos here when they brought their babies home from the hospital. How incredible is that? The view from the top of the Butte includes a few more houses than it used to, but it's still more beautiful than ever.

There has never been a year that I have not visited Chelan. It's been fun to watch my girls create their own memories at my Grandparents house. I feel like they are growing up with the same experience that I had. They may not understand it now, but they are truly blessed.

During our trips to Chelan, we have a list of "must-do" items to complete. First on our list was to hit up Karma Vineyards for some delicious Pinot Noir and steamer clams. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of this, but it is by far our most favorite place for wine and steamers in Chelan.

Next up was to have breakfast at Blueberries. Grandma joined us and the food was delicious as always! During the summers we bring the girls here for berry picking. I think this is Kendal's favorite Chelan activity.

Afterwards, my husband and I dropped Grandma and Hailey off to the house and we crossed a few more wineries off our list! First up was Hard Row to Hoe. Not only is their wine to die for, but the atmosphere is hilariously brilliant. It is based off of an old brothel and is known for it's signature wine/phrase - Shameless Hussy. I almost bought some Shameless Hussy memorabilia, but settled on a bottle of Barbara instead. Kendal tagged along with us... thank goodness she does not know how to read. 

On our way back to Grandmas house, we noticed that the Lake Chelan Winery has a new addition - Washington Gold Cider Company. I will be brutally honest... I am not a cider fan in any way, shape or form. Being a Portland girl, I like my microbrews and wine. However, being a celiac I am fairly limited on the type of alcohol I can actually consume, so I decided to give this cider a fair try. 


Not too sweet, not too sour, and NO GLUTEN. Pure perfection. Bravo, Washington Gold Cider Company! You have officially turned this girl into a cider fan. 

Besides going to Campbell's for lunch & dinner (during the same day), we spent the rest of our time either at the lake or at Grandmas house. Here are photos from the rest of our trip. 

Thanks for checking these out!

Spring is just around the corner, which means I have a lot of fun stuff coming to my blog soon! Be on the lookout for mini-session information, and a chance to win a free Spring session!