Location Scouting

One of my 2016 resolutions is to explore the beautiful city I call home. My husband and I moved here in 2005, but other than the occasional trip to the coast or to the mountain, I really have not experienced what Portland has to offer. As a photographer, one thing that I want to be able to provide to my clients is originality and different scenery for nearly every photo session. Sessions should be unique to each client - so what better way to provide that than to do some exploring of my own!

Last week, I decided to grab my camera and do a little location scouting. My father-in-law and I had driven out to Helvatia Tavern the day prior, and he was telling me about an ancient wooden train trestle that he used to visit as a teenager. After hearing rumors that it had burned down, we had our doubts that it even existed anymore and decided to skip searching for it. The next day, I returned to the area to see if I could find any signs of the old trestle. After an hour of searching and driving down several remote roads, I found it! The old Dick Road Trestle was still standing, and absolutely stunning! I did a little research on it when I came home and found out that it is said to be haunted... which makes it even more exciting in my opinion. 

Here are a few other shots that I took from my day exploring.

Portlanders may recognize the small train trestle above simply because you must travel underneath it to reach those delicious burgers at Helvatia Tavern!

On a separate day, my friend Elizabeth and I set out with our camera to a few different locations. First on our list was Washington Park. This location always stands out to me as it is where my sister & brother-in-law's wedding reception took place in 2010. It was breathtaking. While my memories of Washington Park are primarily of the summer months, I was surprised to find one flower that was completely in bloom. (Remind me to find out what kind of flower this is so that my garden at home can look beautiful year round).

Our last stop of the day was Counsil Crest. The weather was not 100% clear, but that didn't stop Mt. Hood from standing out amongst the clouds.

After finishing up at Counsil Crest, we hit up Skyline Tavern for a delicious brew. This was our first time visiting the tavern, but after years of hearing how great it is, our expectations were pretty high. YOU GUYS - if you have not already checked this place out, stop staring at your smartphone and start driving there right now. I cannot say enough good things about this place. Aside from the hilarious and incredibly friendly staff, this place has it all. Outdoor seating with fireplaces, games, and live music add to the perfect tavern atmosphere. 

I am looking forward to a shift in the seasons so that I can get back to outdoor family photography! Spring sessions are already filling up! Let me know if you are interested in booking. I am happy to answer any of your questions.