Mini Photo Shoot!

Hello, and happy Tuesday!

This past week, my husband was traveling for work in Boston. He had asked to bring my DSLR with him to take photos of historical sites and scenery… no big deal, right? I myself have never been to Boston, so it seemed like a good idea to send him with my camera and have him capture some images. Let me confess something to you… I found out that IT IS possible to go through withdrawals from a camera. Yep. I actually missed my camera. And you know what? I’m not ashamed.

Thankfully, the end result was worth the wait as my husband took some incredible shots, but man, that was rough. (Moral of this story – we need a second camera).

The moment I finally had my camera back in-hand, I decided to take the family out for a little location scouting. I am shooting an engagement session for some great friends in mid-October, and I want to find the perfect site to capture some Fall photos. I stumbled across a hidden gem in Lake Oswego, George Rogers Park. How did I not know about this place before? Seriously. With a pristine view of the river, huge trees and an old wooden bridge to boot, there is no doubt in my mind that this will be the perfect location! Unfortunately, my daughters were in no mood for a test photo shoot that day, so I did not capture any great images – but I cannot wait to go back and eventually show off this beautiful place in Portland!

Sunday was a gorgeous day in the Pacific NW, so I did what any good mom would do and I bribed my kids with ice cream for an hour of their time. I let them pick their outfits, curled their hair, put on a little blush (because why not) and went to Common Wealth Lake for a mini photo shoot. It’s amazing how kids will smile and pose for you when they know there is a delicious treat waiting for them when they are done!

Here are a few of the shots from our shoot. Let me know what you think!

....and finally, their reward!

That's all for Now!

Sincerely, Aliese